Real Estate Property Taxation

We are among the most accomplished Chicago law firms in the area of ad valorem property tax law. We bring decades of experience representing some of the most significant commercial and industrial properties in the Chicagoland area. Our attorneys have significant working relationships with taxing officials and their staff, as well as State’s Attorneys in the County Division.

We specialize in the various avenues of appeal available to the taxpayer, from the initial appeal to the Assessor’s Office through, if necessary, relief in the courts. While traditionally property tax appeals are resolved by agreement at the administrative level, we are equipped to litigate cases at the Boards of Review, PTAB, and in the courts, particularly significant as undervaluation complaints – challenges to assessments brought by taxing districts – are becoming increasingly common. Accordingly, calling upon some of the area’s most well-respected appraisers as our witnesses, we prepare many appeals from the outset as if they were going to full blown hearing.

The firm’s sub-specialties include:

  • Obtaining Certificates of Error from the Assessor’s Office to rectify assessment inaccuracies from prior tax years;
  • Obtaining additional assessment relief through litigation in the Circuit Court of Cook County by way of specific objection lawsuits;
  • Obtaining or reinstating property tax exemptions for educational and charitable organizations through litigation or other proceedings before the Illinois Department of Revenue;
  • Obtaining various incentive classifications from local governments to reduce overall tax liabilities and support development; and
  • Litigating illegal tax rate law suits in order to obtain refunds of previously paid taxes.

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